Elderly Home Care


“My husband Bob didn’t want any outside help at all. As much as I wanted to respect his wishes, it was clear to me I was unable to give him all of the help he needed. It was taking a toll on me as well. When we contacted All Steps Home Care, a staff member immediately came to the house to meet with us. When Sue explained the extensive hiring, training and background check every caregiver undergoes, we gave them a try. Ellen, our caregiver has been great. She is kind and very attentive to Bob’s needs. I feel like I have my life back. I just needed to thank all of you at All Steps Home Care”.
– Marie A.

“Whenever we had an issue because of a caregiver, it was fixed absolutely in a kind, quick and intelligent manner. You company is wonderful and I will highly recommend All Steps Home Care”
– Harold W.

“It has been so difficult finding a good home care service for my sister. I live in NY and she lives in FL. Many times as I found out much later, the level of care was not as I expected. With All Steps Home Care, Tara our caregiver fills out a record of what she does every day. All Steps Home Care emails me a copy of those lists every week so I can see all of the things Tara has done that week. All Steps Home Care, you really are the best. Thank You”!
– Carmelina P.

“My experience here at this organization has been exceptional. I’ve learned that caring and compassion goes a long way. These attributes are key components to building strong, cohesive relationships. I will remember these traits and apply them always-primarily as a result of the personal attention and tutoring I have received from supervisors and co-workers.”
– Jerry R. (Previous Caregiver)

“Mary, I am writing you this note to say thank you. When I called you from the hospital on Sunday morning, I was very desperate, as you well know, Mom was being released and I had nowhere else to turn. You and your company were great. You rushed over to the hospital and made all of the arrangements as well as had Linda, her care giver waiting at her home by the time we got there. Thanks again for the great service”.
– Patricia F.