Elderly Home Care

Care Giver Employment Opportunities

Our method of hiring is simple, would we want this person caring for our family? If so, why? What can they provide to our clients that would make them valuable to the type of service our client(s) need?

Do you have the skills, the desire, the know-how to care for our clients?

Do you enjoy working with people?

Do you have experience working in the home care field?

If you find that you are answering yes to any of these questions, start your application process today. Someone will notify you within 24 hours of receipt of your submitted application to set up an appointment to finish the paperwork and interview you for a position.

Our Care Givers are Thoroughly Screened:

All Steps Home Care has taken special care to ensure that all of our Care Givers have a sincere desire to work with families. Our Senior Care Givers submit to the following rigorous screening process:

  • Our detailed application
  • A face to face interview
  • Minimum of 3 references required
  • Criminal background check
  • DMV (driver’s license) check
  • Extensive orientation and safety training
  • Social Security verification

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