Elderly Home Care

Paying for Home Care

Accepting private pay and long term insurance. Please call to inquire about other financing options.

Not accepting Medicaid and Medicare at this time.

Let us help you find the best way to pay for your senior care.

Upon completion of every 2-week period we will send an invoice to the client or financially responsible party. Please understand, you are only charged from the time the caregiver arrives until they leave. You do not have to pay for the caregivers travel time to and from their shift. On arrival, the caregiver makes a telephone call into our electronic system to begin their shift. When the shift is completed they make another telephone call into our system to signal the end of the shift. In addition, there is a time sheet that is filled out and left in the home for each shift. We collect these time sheets that have been signed by the client as a backup to double check all hours.

Private Pay

Most of our clients pay us directly. Some give power of attorney to their children or other family members to pay bills (including ours) directly from the client’s account or their own. For these people we offer four methods of payment:

  1. Check
  2. Cash
  3. Credit Card
  4. Automatic Withdrawal from bank (EFT)

Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance is designed to pay for most of the cost of in home care as well as many types of facility care, such as a skilled nursing home or an assisted living facility. We at All Steps Home Care work directly with the case managers from the various insurance companies. In addition, we will bill the insurance company directly for your convenience. Depending on your level of insurance and how much care is needed, your insurance may not cover the entire cost.

Life Settlement Programs

The client may have a life insurance policy. They may feel that they would prefer to have money now to help pay for their care, more than they are concerned about leaving that money to their heirs. If so, we can help find a life settlement company that will pay considerably more for that policy than the cash surrender value from the insurance company. This money can then be used towards the client’s elder care.

Reverse Mortgages

For clients who have equity in their homes, a reverse mortgage allows them to receive much of that equity in a loan they do not have to make payments on. They can use some of that money to cover the cost of care. In addition to not having to make any loan payments, the clients get what is called “A Life Estate” in their home. This means they can stay in their home as long as they are able.

All Steps Home Care

We work with the Veterans Administration to stay current on programs that will benefit our clients.